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Players on the South Korean Women’s World Cup team are hoping for a quarterfinal finish or better at the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.스포츠토토

ONSIDE, a monthly technical report published by the Korea Football Association (KFA), conducted a survey of the women’s national team players and found that many of them are dreaming of their best-ever World Cup finish. All 31 players who have been training with Paju NFC since June 18 participated in the survey.

First, when asked about their expectations for the Korean national team, most respondents chose the quarterfinals. Of the 31 respondents, 16 players, or 51.6%, aimed for the quarterfinals, followed by 12 players (38.7%) who said “fourth place or higher,” and three players (9.7%) who chose the round of 16. It’s clear that the players have high expectations for the Women’s World Cup.

This confidence stems from the “high intensity training” led by head coach Colin Bell. Through intense physical training, the team has been preparing to play a high-pressure style of soccer that will make it difficult for opponents, while building up their strength to take on opponents for 90 minutes or more. “We’ve been preparing more systematically than ever for four years,” said captain Kim Hye-ri. Midfielder Kim Yoon-ji also claimed that “our team has the power to achieve miracles”.

When asked, “Who do you think will score the first goal at the World Cup?” Ji So-yeon and Choi Yoo-ri tied for first place. They each received the support of nine people (29%). They were followed by Lee Geum-min (7, 22.6%) and Park Eun-sun (2, 6%). South Korea’s first match is against Colombia. It will be interesting to see how they perform against Colombia.

Ji So-yeon and Choi Yuri were selected for a variety of reasons. Players chose Ji So-yeon for her star power, responsibility, and lack of rust. Veteran defender Shim Seo-yeon said, “Ji So-yeon will score the first goal from a free kick,” while Casey Eugene Fair said, “She is very good” in English.
Choi Yoo-ri, the engine of the women’s team, was also highly anticipated by the players. “I always look forward to her when she enters the stadium,” said Lee Young-joo, who nominated Choi Yoo-ri.

Ji So-yeon also topped the list when players were asked who they were most looking forward to seeing play at the World Cup. She was chosen by 13 respondents (43.3%).
Ji has been a key player for the national team since making her debut in 2006. Moon Mira chose her because “she’s a global star,” while Chun Garam, dubbed the “second Ji So-yeon,” expressed his confidence in her with the simple word “world-class.
After Ji So-yeon, Choi Yuri (6 respondents, 19.9%), Park Eun-sun (3 respondents, 19%), and Lee Kum-min (3 respondents, 19%) were named as players to watch in the tournament.

Meanwhile, the women’s national team players were not as conscious of men’s soccer’s achievements. When asked, “I am/am not aware of the men’s national team’s performance at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,” 23 (74.2%) chose “not aware”. The remaining eight (9.7%) said they were. “The achievements of men’s soccer are something to be happy about and celebrate, but I don’t think we need to be conscious of it or put pressure on it,” said Cho. “I think it’s more of a picture of young female players being influenced by our success.”

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