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The women’s national soccer team’s two consecutive matches against Zambia (Suwon on the 7th and Yongin on the 11th), which were played during the A-match period in April, were a series of sweeping victories, boosting confidence ahead of the Australia/New Zealand World Cup this summer. It gave me an opportunity to raise

Zambia’s power was weaker than England,온라인바카라 Italy and Belgium, which they met at the Arnold Clark Cup in February, when they suffered three consecutive defeats. That was enough.

This is all the more true considering that many key players such as Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC) and Choi Yu-ri (Hyundai Steel) were missing.

Colin Bell (England) coach of the national team refined organizational skills and tactics in preparation for the World Cup, while also giving opportunities to young prospects and confirming the ‘future’.

In the first game, striker Garam Chun (Hwacheon KSPO) showed his presence.

Born in 2002, Chun Ga-ram, who earned the nickname ‘Cheon Messi’ for his impressive performance at the U-20 World Cup in August last year, began to be called by Bell.

In November of last year, he made his A-match debut in an away match against New Zealand, and also got a chance to play in the Arnold Clark Cup.

In the first match against Zambia, when veteran defender Lim Seon-joo (Hyundai Steel) was unable to play due to an injury in the first half, he was substituted and played in the 3rd A match of his career. Contributed to a 5-2 come-from-behind victory, including recording an assist with a .

Last year, she was selected as the Korea Football Association’s “Young Player” and is considered the best prospect in Korean women’s soccer, even taking first place in the WK League draft.

In the second game, midfielder Bae Ye-bin (Widuk University), who was born in 2004 and is currently the ‘youngest’ of the national team, was selected as a starter and played full-time.

Bae Ye-bin, who had been on the roster since the away evaluation match in New Zealand when he was a high school student, but was unable to play in the match, debuted in his A match as a substitute in the second half of the first match against Zambia, and then started in the second match.

After working in midfield with great seniors such as Cho So-hyun and contributing to a 5-0 victory, he was praised by coach Bell saying, “The central midfielder who played today was the youngest player in our team, and he played a great role.” did.

In addition to them, this national team includes Jang Yoo-bin (Seoul City Hall) and Lee Eun-yeong (Korea University), born in 2002, Park Hye-jeong (Sports Toto), born in 2000, and goalkeeper Kim Kyung-hee (Suwon FC), born in 2003. and Lee Eun-young had her second A match.

Coach Bell, who took office as the first foreign coach of the Korean women’s national team in the fall of 2019, trains with young players and gives them opportunities whenever they are called up.

In particular, selecting Hyo-joo Choo (22, Suwon FC), a college student who was not 20 years old at the time of her first call-up, as the first adult representative, and steadily appointed her from the beginning and established her as a starting player is considered a great achievement.

Choo Hyo-joo, who mainly watched her side attacks, was deployed as both wingbacks with Jang Seul-gi (Hyundai Steel) under Bell’s coaching system, and stood tall as the core of the national team’s tactics, showing off her prowess in both offense and defense based on her vigorous activity.

In the second match against Zambia, Choo Hyo-joo has already played her 30th A match, and her first World Cup finals appearance this summer is likely.

As manager Bell recently signed a renewal contract until the end of 2024 and serves as an advisor for the national team by age group, it is noteworthy whether the’fresh wind’ will continue stronger for the adult national team as the contact with young players has expanded.

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