Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

 SSG Landers Choo Shin-soo (41) remarks that stirred up the Korean baseball world. KIA Tigers Yang Hyeon-jong (35) carefully conveyed his position while sparing his words.

On the 30th, Hyunjong Yang left for Arizona, USA, the KIA spring camp via Incheon International Airport. After digesting the spring camp schedule with the team, he will join the World Baseball Classic (WBC) baseball team training from the 14th of next month. The training grounds for the national team and KIA are the same.

Yang Hyeon-jong, who I met before departure, said about the national team, “When we convened, the coach told the young players to tell a lot of good things and gave them the task of helping the pitchers. The coach gave me this important position because I’m the oldest among the pitchers, and I’ll do my best.” said.

This is the 6th Taegeuk mark. What does the national team mean to Yang Hyeon-jong?

Yang Hyeon-jong said, “I am always excited and have a lot of responsibility whenever I am selected. It would be a lie if I said that being selected for the national team is not burdensome as my years accumulate.” . To overcome that, we have to show results on the ground. That is our homework.”

The goal of the national team for this tournament is at least the quarterfinals. In response, Yang Hyeon-jong expressed his determination, saying, “The coach said, ‘I still have to take a plane to the United States.’ told 카지노사이트

Then, Hyeonjong Yang spared no advice to his juniors. “I always change my mindset the moment I wear the national team uniform. I feel like I can’t lose while working hard and doing my best. If the players train together, even the first-time players will know how it feels. Joining the national team. So, from the day I exercise, my mindset and sense of goal change a lot. I am looking forward to meeting the players on the day of the national team convocation.”

Korea took third place in the 2006 WBC and runner-up in the 2009 WBC, demonstrating the potential of Korean baseball in international competitions. However, at the 2013 and 2017 WBC, he suffered the humiliation of failing to advance to the second round for two consecutive years.

Afterwards, Korea pledged revenge at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but even with the best lineup of the KBO League, it was engulfed in a nightmare of no medals. In this tournament, the national team is going to restore its honor.

Yang Hyeon-jong said, “In order for Korean baseball to develop and fans who have left to return to the baseball field, we have to do our best to show a winning game. That’s the biggest goal. Fan service is of course important, but we don’t finish with good grades. If not, the fans may turn their backs on them.”

In addition, “I have a sense of goal that I must win when I wear the Taegeuk mark. I have to get good results for the development of Korean baseball, which is stagnant, so that the baseball boom can happen again. All the players will be well prepared with this mindset. will,” he added.

Recently, Choo Shin-soo stood at the center of controversy by making statements about his beliefs about the national team selection list. Choo Shin-soo emphasized the importance of generational change by mentioning Yang Hyeon-jong and SSG Landers Kim Gwang-hyun. However, Choo Shin-soo’s remarks against the headwind are on the cutting board every day.

Regarding Choo Shin-soo’s remarks, Yang Hyeon-jong said, “I try not to think too much. I am careful about what I say, and I try to save my words.” I think I feel like I have to work harder because I’m going out.”

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