Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

 “Burden is something I have to carry. The results have to show.”

Hyundai E&C, which is leading the V-League women’s division, replaced foreign players on the 6th. Existing foreigner Yasmin Bedart pulled out his sword when the vacancy was prolonged due to a back injury. The replacement is Yvone Montaño, a former Colombian national team member and an experienced Swiss league scorer.

Kang Seong-hyung, director of Hyundai E&C, paid attention to ‘technology’. He said, “I saw it non-face-to-face at the time of the tryout토토사이트, and it was at the top of the attack power. I don’t know if he’s suitable for Korean volleyball, but I think he’s a good player with skills. The Korean volleyball defense is tight, so I’m also curious how they will break through with an attack.”

Montaño watched the 5th round confrontation with Heungkuk Life Insurance from the crowd on the 7th. Meeting with the magazine before the game, he said, “I think it will not be easy to join a team that is maintaining good grades in the middle of the season. But the burden is something I have to carry. I have to show it as a result, but I will not give up and will try to the end.”

It has been steadily knocking on the door of the V-League. I submitted an application during the 2020 tryout, and was highly sought after by several teams, but was not able to apply for the 2021 tryout due to a penalty for not participating in the draft. He submitted an application after two years last year, but was not nominated in the draft. He said, “I watched the game through YouTube,” and “I think it is a strong team. If I go in and help even a little, I think I can win first place.”

Adaptation is key. The V-League has excellent defensive organization. It is not easy to score with one attack. Montaño also nodded. He said, “Korea is a league with good defense. I don’t think attacking will be easy, but you have to work out how to hit the ball as well as hitting through training with the coaches and coaches.”

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